Konsul was founded in 1986 by Peter Hennes and until the present day has remained owner-managed and independent. The foundation of Konsul AG in Switzerland then followed in 1990 in order to take on international projects for global clients.

The principles which we follow in successfully carrying out our consultancy work apply today as they did more than 30 years ago: Konsul stands for independence, respectability, flexibility, quality and fair dealings with our long-term business partners.

We regard ourselves as a form of boutique consultancy and provide our clients with the right person for their vacant positions in a prompt and highly skilled manner. A deliberate concentration on few clients within the industry is the decisive criterion for Konsul as perfect, successful appointment. Exclusive “off-limit situations” secure access to the relevant target companies and ultimately enable the tracking down of the desired “ideal candidate” within an industry.

The following basic requirements must be met for a successful search:

Skills within the specialist area and industry

Our partners and consultants have had successful careers in personnel consultancy in addition to many years of career and management experience. Each of our customers is able to benefit from this expertise – both in terms of their industry and the position in question. As entrepreneurs within the company they support their clients on a long-term basis as skilled consultative partners who are on an equal footing.

One face to the customer

Each search project is supported by just one consultant, who is personally involved in all sub-processes of a project – in the drawing up of the position profile in close collaboration with the client and in the definition of target firms, the identification of potential contacts in the selected companies and, most especially, in the approaches, in the initial contacts by telephone and, of course, in particular in the personal interviews. It is intended that the candidate should experience a special sense of appreciation from the first moment of contact until the end of the process and should feel comfortable at all stages in the application process – with his or her consultant as a fair interface between him/her as an applicant and the potential future employer.


As an independent family-run company we have acquired a small selected number of addresses within our key industries (“hidden champions”) and are thus not subject to any kind of restrictions in terms of possible search fields.

A continuous compliance with fundamental quality criteria has, in the last 30 years or more, led us to become a “top address” principally within the German-speaking consultancy sector. As consultants to small and medium-sized companies, our long-term clients include well-known large and renowned firms. Our constant growth has been marked by the resulting network of discerning and satisfied clients. Our business culture is considered exemplary, as may be seen from the extremely low staff turnover.

For 25 years we have been a member of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU e. V.), a consortium of experienced personnel and business consultants in Germany with especially high standards of quality, respectability and efficiency.